Can the autoclave be put into operation immediately after delivery?

Kann man den Autoklaven direkt nach der Lieferung in Betrieb nehmen?

Yes, the autoclave may be used immediately.

If you use the autoclave for instrument reprocessing, you should carry out the documentation according to the RKI requirements. You will need sterilization strips for this purpose.
Depending on what you are sterilizing, you may need Class 5 indicators (for "Critical A" instruments) or even Helix tests (for "Critical B" and "Critical A-B" instruments). For more information on instrument reprocessing, see our WIKI.
Suitable sterilization tests can be found here.

In addition, validation should be arranged in a timely manner.

Steam indicator for autoclaves (including 100 strips)

100 indicator strips for Steri24 Class B Pro autoclaves. These strips indicate whether the sterilisation process has proceeded correctly by means of colour change. You can put them loose on a tray during each sterilisation.

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