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Are you looking for a suitable CertoClav for your general practice, dental practice or other (medical) practice or clinic? With so many different types and manufacturers on the market, choosing a specific model can be difficult. CertoClav has years of experience in the world of CertoClavs. Not only in the field of sales, but also in terms of installation and advice we take care of you comprehensively. On this page you will find information üabout the different classes of CertoClavs to help you choose the most suitable model.


A CertoClav is a closed pressure vessel in which you can clean (medical) instruments 100% sterile with the help of steam. CertoClaving is by far the most reliable and efficient cleaning method available: Bacteria do not stand a chance in the sterilization process. It is therefore not surprising that CertoClavs are widely used in the medical field.


CertoClavs come in many different types and sizes. In the world of autoclaves, the different types are specified using classes. In short, there are 3 different classes of CertoClavs:

N-class CertoClav (the lowest class).

S-class CertoClav (the middle class).

B-class CertoClav (the highest class)


N-class CertoClavs belong to the lowest class of autoclaves. The N in N-class stands for Naked (unpackaged). This CertoClav type is therefore only suitable for sterilizing unwrapped, solid instruments. Think, for example, of tweezers, forceps, scissors, etc.


S-Class (Special) CertoClavs are suitable not only for sterilization of unwrapped instruments, but also for sterilization of pre-wrapped solid instruments. However, it is important that they are not hollow bodies.


Then we come to the höchst class: B. The letter B stands for big range. So it won't surprise you that a CertoClav is suitable for a wide range of applications. CertoClavs have a fractionated pre- and post-vacuum program that allows you to sterilize all medical instruments that are suitable for sterilization.

Bowie & Dick CertoClav Test (20 pcs)
20 pcs Bowie & Dick control tests for measuring the ability to remove air pockets from porous items. Suitable for Class B autoclaves only.


65,00 EUR
plus 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
Steam indicator for autoclaves (including 100 strips)

100 indicator strips for Steri24 Class B Pro autoclaves. These strips indicate whether the sterilisation process has proceeded correctly by means of colour change. You can put them loose on a tray during each sterilisation.

54,00 EUR
plus 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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