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The real thermal disinfection
Disinfection is a very important phase in the sterilization process. It aims to reduce the incriminating germs and bacteria on the instruments to be treated, making them safe. Disinfection can be chemical or thermal. Thermal disinfection is a neutral process capable of reducing the bacterial load to more than 99%.

AQUA Plus - the excellent properties of thermal disinfection
AQUA Plus is a thermal disinfection system of the latest generation, easy to use, adaptable to the needs of individual cabinets, fast and versatile by adapting to different loads. Special attention has been paid to the search for the most advanced components that guarantee the maximum reliability of the device and achieve an excellent result.

When making a decision to purchase a device, perfect drying of the sterile material is an essential part of the process, as it leads to leaving no moisture in the instruments. AQUA PLUS is a leader in this area. Forced dynamic drying is guaranteed by the most powerful fan on the market. All instruments are perfectly dried, both outside and inside. The hot air, disinfected by a HEPA 14 filter, flows through the washing arms and into the washing bar for the rotating instruments. This ensures perfect drying even inside the handpieces and hollow instruments Drying time and temperature can be programmed.

Comprehensive equipment
Aqua Plus is always supplied with integrated drying system, standard baskets and holder for rotary instruments.

Treatment system
The thermal disinfection cycle is carried out by supplying 95°C hot water, with the help of a system of double washing arms placed in the upper and lower part of the tank, ensuring a perfect treatment by removing any residues and efficiently carrying out the thermal separation phases. The two rotating arms are completely dismountable and can be easily inspected and cleaned.

Biofilm control
Three easily accessible and removable filters allow thorough and simple internal cleaning, eliminating any residual water source for biofilm and bacteria. The patented ETS system (Empty Total System) ensures perfect hygiene inside AQUA PLUS. This unique and innovative approach underlines the Tecno-Gaz concept:

Cleaning Chamber
The cleaning chamber is built in AISI 304 stainless steel and has a capacity of 65 liters.

Maximum flexibility
Thanks to the basket provided and to the wide range of accessories, it is possible to handle surgical cassettes, vertical instruments, rotary instruments and

Simple cycles
The unit's display is very user-friendly and easy to use. This reduces training and learning time to a few minutes. Touch screen: three preset programs, one rinsing program and one drying program. The selected cycle can be started without complications. A flow meter continuously monitors the dosage of liquids and informs the user when a refill is required

Safety is also a fundamental parameter and AQUA PLUS offers innovative and unique features. Door interlock, password protection, continuous microprocessor control with automatic cycle interruption, quality control of water and detergent quantity by flow meters, independent laboratory tests. All our parameters meet the most demanding criteria of the UNI ISO EN 15883 standard.