Customer Service

Service and contact

Are you interested in one of our products, do you have a technical or general question, please contact our customer service directly. You can do this via our contact page or by telephone on +43 (0) 732 674 278.

Delivery and pick-up

Do you have a question about your delivery or do you want to make an appointment to collect your CertoClav at our location? Then take a look at the delivery and collection page for more information.


Are you, despite our good care, not satisfied with your product and would you like to return it? Then go to the returns page. Here we explain exactly what the next steps are.

Warranty and repair

Do you have a problem with your CertoClav and would you like to know whether it is still under guarantee? Is your CertoClav broken and do you want a technician on site as soon as possible to repair your CertoClav? Then quickly go to the warranty and repair page for the next steps!

Complaints or feedback

For complaints or feedback, please contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you. Our customer service can be reached via our contact page.

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